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Welcome to my homepage where you can learn more about me and the games I love.

Welcome!!!!! My name is Brian and I am the creator of this web page and would like to thank you for taking your time to visit. It is my first website but I want to keep making it better and better. If you have any advice, problems, or helpful information about my site, please E-mail me. I would love to hear from you and about what you think. You can always contact me at
Thanks again and have fun viewing this site. There will be more to come.


If you would like a basic overview of this site, it is mainly for other people as well as buddies to learn more about me and what I like to do. This also contains information about the games I enjoy playing. Also soon to come to this site will be a page devoted to paintballing. Not up yet but hopefully it will be soon.

This site will have other links to games as well as friend's homepages so please be patient. It may take a few days or even weeks till I get this site running to full capacity so please be patient that's all I ask.

I'll try to keep this site up to date with new information as well as pictures and other sites. Also more pages will be added once i get more ideas. Please check back often.


I hope to keep this site up to date so please check on it frequently. Please be sure to sign the Guestbook below and let me know what you think.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

I, KV-Devilcomm of, will have my vengeance!!!!!!

What's been new here???

I just started this site on August 26th so I have alot of updating and work to do but hopefully within a short amount of time this site will be complete and fully operational.

8/27/2000 - Just started making this page. Soon to be working and completing the section of about me and within a weeks time should have some gaming sites as well as screenshots or pics up. Please be patient.

8/29/2000 - Still working on the site, I finally was able to get it published on the web though it still needs a lot of work. I currently have no photos loaded but soon in a few days I will. Meanwhile I will try to add more screenshots and game descriptions to the gaming page and some more links. Soon this page will be up to speed.

9/7/2000 - I added a picture of me on the photo page and hopefully I will get more to post. I plan on adding a paintball page to my site with pictures of the game and people in action. I also have the site running great but I still have to add alot more links as well as more games that I play. Over the next few months I'll try to change and update everything.

3/22/2001 - I just added pictures from the school musical over here. I think they are interesting and better pictures of me if you need a better idea. Hope you enjoy them.
6/7/2002 - We just had prom on Friday and OH MY GOD WHAT A PERFECT NIGHT!!!!  I couldn't have asked for any better.   I hope to have senior prom pictures up soon once i receive some from friends and get my doubles back.  AWESOME!!!!
6/10/2002 - Since it is the day before the end of my high school career I decided to take pictures of all our friends, hack posse, freshmen and add them to my site.  I hope you guys enjoy I'll miss you alot.  Feel free to send me pics in E-mail.

Please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think about the site as well as suggestions.

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