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More Information About Me!!!!
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More Information About Me!!!!

Yes there's more!!!!!

Well for more information about me, I am currently still single since the last page that you just read, but look forward to finding the girl of my dreams someday. I am a very patient person. My favorite bands that I like to listen to are Simon and Garfunkle, Wierd Al, Offspring, and Metallica.  Other's include Evanescence, Steven Lynch, and even Eminem.  I am well rounded in music and love just about everything except Opera. I've even started getting into Shania Twain.   WOOHOO!!   I am Roman Catholic and am as white as I can get.  I am not racist but I had to include that since I've had several people ask me if i was black.  Apparently they haven't taken the time to view any of my pictures.   I am American too with a little Dutch.

The one sport that I always like to participate in is bowling.  Most people don't concider this a sport and more of a game but people don't understand the strategy and teamwork needed in it.  Hopefully some day I will reach a perfect game of a 300.  Currently my closest is 277.  Wish me luck.   
I also participate in the game of paintball.  Soon to come is a picture of my paintball gun which I sold for financial reasons.  tell me what ya think of it.   Friends that used to go with me were Andrew B., Martin B., Paul B., Jack D., Chris R., Al B., and other friends. Great group and many memories.  looking forward to buying another paintball gun soon.  *crosses fingers*   

A Small Questionaire That Will Help You Get To Know Me:

What should people know about you?

I am very friendly, kind, caring, I never get angry, unless you purposely try to piss me off. I like to talk about everything and anything, just talk or ask something and I will be glad to respond.

What's your favorite song right now?

I have no favorite song really. I like many groups and I always have. I never liked one single song but I do like a lot of offspring and sometimes backstreet boys aren't bad either but I stick mostly to Offspring, Simon and Garfunkle, Metallica, and other oldies.

Who's your favorite band or musician ever and why?

I like Offspring because of the sound of their music. I also like Metallica because their music just has a good rythem to me not to mention good sound.

What's your favorite movie ever and why?

Armegeddon was a great movie, and still is, in my opinion. All those horror films and so called "scary" movies depending on what people call them can be enjoyable but it never really is entising to me. Armegeddon, I never got bored with watching it and I have watched it several times. Same with Twister. It is somewhat cheesy as far as some stuff, but I still like it and I enjoy watching it as well as picking it apart, but I like mostly movies with Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, ect.

What's your favorite book ever and why?

I like any type of war books that deal with World War 2 because I was always interested in that war ect. I like the books or series called 633 squadron.

What college or university do you go to--or where do you want go to?

Well I currently attend Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH, majoring in Flight Operations.   It's not bad but not a great college due to the high price of everything.   It's also rare to find time with such a busy schedule.  3 more years to go.   I hope i make it. WISH ME LUCK ONCE AGAIN!

What's the one thing you believe in most strongly?

I believe in being yourself and not being somebody else, I also believe in God.  It won't stop me from cursing you off over dumb ass things but I do my best to be patient.  I have tried not to curse and i am fairly good at it, but sometimes I slip up. For that I appologize.

Describe an experience you'll never forget.

I'll never forget when I went to NYSSMA which is a music association where you go with your musical instrument and play something in order to get rated by judges to see how well you do, and I got a 26 out of 28 points, and my judge gave me this dorky comment that I want to beat him for. I am not going to say it unless you ask me, but right now not here.

What's the easiest way to get on your nerves?

Should I tell you because you could use it against me. Well I think the easiest way to get on my nerves is to not talk back and to start cursing me off for no reason

Who do you think is the sexiest person alive and why?

I don't really know who the sexiest person alive is. I bet if I knew who the sexiest person alive was, I wouldn't stand a chance with her anyway lol.  

What's your favorite quote?

I have none but I am willing to get one from somebody else. My cousin's quote is, "Life's a bitch and then you die." I like the quote, "Live your life to the fullest because you never know when it will be your time."

Anything else you want to add?

Nothing what so ever unless you want me to add something. Thanks again


I spend my free time: listening to music, playing video games, reading, surfing the web, watching movies, hanging with friends, chatting, having fun.  I also love to drive in my car and go to probe shows in the area.  Ford Probe's rawk!

Sports or excersize I'm into: playing pool, baseball, basketball, biking, bowling, football, golf, hockey, ice-skating, inline skating, swimming, skiing, track and field, volleyball

Favorite kind of movies: Action, animation, comedy, horror

I'll probably major in : Flight Operations and if that fails, Business.
Pets: 3 cats named  Smokey, Meika, and Bandit.  All girls.