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This is my brother on a good day.  I don't know why he looked to pissed off but who knows maybe it's because it's 7:55 am and school is starting.  Either way he couldn't be a greater brother nor a cooler guy.   you could always make me laugh with your sheep noises and quick come-backs to people making fun of you.  No matter what man I will always back you up and I'll look up to you even if you are my younger brother.  Rock on dude and Good luck in college.   Keep in touch.  I'll miss ya.


Brent an Doug, you guys are like family.  Brent you actually are family but you know what I mean.  We get along so well and I don't think we would have had a better year.  We have all had our tough time sand joyful times.  I know that, though we all are going our separate ways and splitting up for now, we'll always be in touch by phone, Instnat messenger or E-mail.  We've been friends for almost 8 years and we definetly won't be losing it because of college.  Live life to the fullest and be yourself.  SHOW EVERYONE WHAT BREWSTER KIDS ARE MADE OF!!!


OH NO!!!!!!   I got ya though.  there was no way you were getting away from this picture.   besides it's one of the last few pictures I'll have of ya till we meet after college dude.   Always stay your usual self and never let anyone kick you around.  you don't need the crap.  Stay your joking self and keep people smiling.  You'll certianly get the girls up at college with your bitchin ride.  Keep in touch.


I cought Brent in the middle of his English final.  Don't worry the teacher didn't mind and besides it was the second of three days.   I never saw Brent working dilligently until now.   GOOD JOB DUDE!!!  hehehe.   you are a good brother and I hope you achieve your dreams up at college.  If you ever need a breath of sanity, call me or IM me on Instant Messenger.  I'll always be there and trust me I am always here for you dude through thick and thin.  If you ever have problems or anything Talk to me.   I will certianly talk to you if I have problems.  You are my only brother and best friend.   If you are ever rich don't forget about me.  Keep the Probe and let it live.   Probe Posse will live on.


Brett Alcott.  Good man!!!   Cross country was a great experience and I was proud and honored to run with ya.   I hope next year you continue to run for the cross country team and maybe if I ever get some free time away from Daniel Webster and their cross country team isn't having any meets, i'll come run with ya jsut like old times.  Who knows, maybe i'll see you ate the Manchester Elite Race once again.  Keep in touch.  You are a nice kid and a great friend.  Thanks for being there when no one else would talk to me.  I'll never forget Fiddler, Jazz band and all the other times we hung out.  If ya ever need a gaming friend I am here.  Keep in touch.  Peace!


COURTNEY!!!!   GET YOUR OWN SUNGLASSES!!!! MINE ARE TOO COOL FOR YOU!!!  nah I'll miss you coming up at random times during the day to steal my sunglasses and punch me in the back.  You were my closest friend in Cross Country and could always give a great hug.  "Oklahoma" and "Fiddler on the Roof" were great expereinces.  hopefully if you ever get online you'll stay in touch with me and keep me updated on dates for next years play.  I look forward to seeing you on future band trips.  hardy is going to hook me up.  LOVE YOU ALWAYS COURTNEY!!! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!  BREWSTER HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES ARE PRICELESS!!!


DAMN IT MY NAME IS BRIAN NOT DOUG!!!!  I know you guys were just fooling.  It was fun getting to know you guys this year and i hope that if I visit you guys will still talk to the old goon in college  (me)  I enjoyed all the laughs we had and I'll always be online to chat and never lsoe touch.  Stay sweet both of you, Hopefully in the three months before my first vacation you won't forget my name  *winks and hugs you tight*   Love you guys!


Sorry crystal I caught ya in the middle of saying something but at least I got your picture.   You'd never give me one so I had to get them one way or the other.  If you want better ones on here you are just going to have to let me take more pictures lol.  MUHAHAHA!!!!  *smiles evily*


Well don't you just look so happy now!!!!  LoL  Sorry this was another one of those pictures I took without you thinking of it.  It was the only way I was going to be able to remember you so hopefully if you still want to see me, we can take better ones of you actually smiling, like the one down below.  :-)  Now that's cute!!!


Awwwww I am going to miss you soooo much CRYSTAL!!!   You don't even know the pain I am going to feel on August 23rd when i leave.  I'll never forget the Virginia trip and the dinner cruise where we danced together for the first time.  I liked you ALOT and although we never became a couple, I still care for you deeply and I am here if you ever need me.  Never forget that you always have your dutchboy :-)   I won't forget all the times we walked together in the hallway to talk or hang out, and even the one time I popped into your class and made up a bullshit reason to get you out.  Those were the days!!!!   You'll always have a place in my heart and hopefully if you still want to, I can call you and keep in touch.  There is no way I am going to lose you nor ever forget the smile you could put on my face.  I love you with all my heart and hope to see you soon!!   I MISS YOU!!!  *HUGS*


HEY CRYSTAL!!! HEY JESS!!!!  You girls rock!!!!  Who can forget the hug party we had before your chorus class begun.  And I certainly won't forget all the times you girls were behind me when i was in rough times.  Job and school related.  A senior would never think that a freshman could ever get so close but you guys have influenced my life soooo much!!!   I will miss you all and I hope that throughout the next few years you keep in touch and still accept this Dutchboy in your life.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!


Well I don't know much to say about you Delphine since we never really talked but hopefully through the summer if I ever see you at Moonlight bowling or anything you'll still get me "The Usual"  Which would be a large cola for $2.00.  You have been a great friend and bowling competitor throughout all the years I was on the league.  I hope that in the future you reach life-long happiness and success where ever you go.   Don't forget about the little guys left over  *cough cough*


Well I must say,Devon you were great to finally get to know this year.  We didn't hang out too much till the last half of the year but no matter what, I have no regrets at all.  I hope when i visit back this upcoming school year you'll still give me those wonderful hello's and the bright smile no one could miss.  Make the world interesting next year.  PARTY HARD!!!!!


DI-DI!!!!   Can't forget the poke-fests.  LoL   You drove Brent insane and always brought a smile to my face.  Cross country will live on and hopefully we shall stay in tocuh throughout life.  No one could be as cool as you and always keep that smile on your face.   You are going to be a huge success in college I can see it now.  LIVE LIFE IN THE FAST LANE!


Douglas...a.k.a DOWG.    Best friend you can have around.  It's been a good year chilling and hopefully throughout college we'll keep in touch, still have shin digs, and relive the good times we all had in Brewster.  IT's been an excellent high school career.  Couldn't have had that without you and the many other friends we share.  Our Posse and hack group will live on.  We shall hack once again.


Couldn't have had a better friend.  We have been through thick and thin.   You can always make me laugh and smile whenever I am depressed and you can always listen when I need someone there.  Thanks for the help and being with me through the years.   I am always here if you ever need someone to talk to.


God you guys make a great couple.   Rock on guys  I hope we stay in touch dude.  You have been my best friend for years and hopefully we will stay that way.  You are irreplacable.  ROCK ON!!!!