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Here's the scoop on alot of the games I play and there may even be a few screenshots included, with a brief description.

Age Of Empires II : The Age of Kings

Age of Empires II : The Age of Kings is a game of combat and empire-building that spans the time from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages. You control 1 of 13 civilizations, which you build into a powerful empire that strives to dominate other civilizations before they conquer you.

In this game each civilization will have strengths as well as weaknesses that you use to your advantage in order to win. For example, the Byzantines build strong walls and are a great defence civilization. In order to win you must keep your troops well fed and gather resources to continue building up and expanding your empire. you msut conquer other people as well as defend your own base. It is a pure stradegy game that takes a lot of skill in order to win.

Differences between Rise of Rome and Age of Kings are as follows:

1.) 13 new civilizations

2.) New units such as Kings, female villagers, knights cannons ect.

3.) New buildings like gates and castles

4.) New technologies like town watch and conscription that aide in sight as well as speed

5.) Formations for troops

6.) New campaigns

7.) New ways to trade over land and sea and you can buy and sell resources through the market.

8.) 8 new map types like BlackForest and Arabia

9.) You can find idle villagers that arne't doing their work.

10.) improved interface helps make the game interesting and gives tips and help through out the game.


Age of Empires : Rise of Rome

The theme of Age of Empires is the rise of the first great civilizations over the 12,000 years that followed the last ice age. You are the guiding spirit of a tribe that predates one of the great cultures of antiquity. Your goal is to build your tribe into a mightcivilization that can vie for world dominance (game victory). You begin the game in the Stone Age with a small tribe of villagers on an unexplored map. As you move your tribesmen over the map, you reveal different terrain types and locate sources of food, wood, stone, gold, which villagers gather by hunting, fishing, foraging, farming, chopping trees, and mining. You must gather enough resources and build enough housing to support your growing civilization.

Constructing buildings lets you train military units and boats to defend your civilization or attack enemy civilizations on land or at sea. Constructing buildings also allow you to research technologies that benefit your civilization, such as increasing the resources you gather and upgrading the strengths of your soldiers.

You can establish alliances with other civilizations, exchange tribute, and establish trade routes. Other civilizations are controlled by human or computer players.

The winner of the game is determined by the victory conditions that are set within the game or for the scenario you play.

The new features for Rise of Rome compared to the original Age of Empires are as follows:

1.) 4 new civilizations like Carthaginian, Macedonian, Palmyran, and Roman.

2.) 5 new units like the Armored Elephant and the Scythe Chariot.

3.) 4 new technologies

4.) 4 new Campaigns

5.) New gigantic map size

6.) New ability to train many units at once

7.) New map types

8.) New Random civilization option

Transportation Tycoon Deluxe

Transportation Tycoon Deluxe is a game for strategists who want an easy game that doesn't deal with war and destruction. The basis of this game is to start off with $200,000 and you msut start off by building a transportation empire using ships, airplanes, vehicles, and trains to transport passengers as well as cargos like coal and lumber to other factories and your reward is more money to expand your transportation network.

Cut throat competition can be very hard when you have to deal with 1-7 computer players or human players taking over factories and taking your passengers away. You must decide how to lay your route and run your system in order to win this game. New technology comes around in cvertain years with bigger, better and faster vehicles. keep upgrading to stay with the age.


Railroad Tycoon II

Railroad Tycoon II is the sequel to the award-winning simulation Railroad Tycoon. The basis of the game is to build a railroading empire across continents to make a profiting empire. Although is does include many of the same features that have been updated in various ways, there are some major differences in the two games. Railroad Tycoon II features:

1.) Better graphics--designed to run in 1024 x 768 resolution, Railroad Tycoon II is a much more visually impressive game then it's predecessor.

2.) Full-motion video--as an enhancement to game actions, full-motion video clips are included at various stages.

3.) More engines and cargo types--with over 60 available engines and 34 cargo types, you'll never run out of options when building your empire.

4.) A stronger financial market system.

5.) Multiplayer Modes

6.) 3D map environment

7.) 18 scenario campaigns

8.) Deeper industrial webs

9.) more time periods

10.) Territories that you must buy rights for in order to build in.


Mech Warrior 2

The Warrior Caste is above all others in the Clan. The Laborer, the Technician, the Merchant, and the Scientist all look at you for guidance, for you are the most perfect of all perfection. The Warrior is the very top of culture. You are the teacher and the protector, the governor and the parent.

As a Mech Warrior you will fight in the Touman for the glory of the Clans. There is no higher honor, no greater glory, than to enter combat outnumbered by the largest margin possible and emerge victorious.

Your tool in the field is the BattleMech. it is your mount. You will learn to pilot it. You will become part of it and it, you. The BattleMech is designed to translate your will into the actions of the machine. As a MechWarrior, your very thoughts equal your foe's defeat.

Combat is your life. Fear not death. The honorable will find their end in the field. Honor is the lifeblood of the MechWarrior. Without honor the MechWarrior is worth less than the dust whence he came. There is no virtue above honor. Without honor there is not life.



Any problems with this page or any questions about the games listed please contact me at Thanks again.