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This page contains links to my friend's sites as well as gaming sites to many games that I enjoy playing or I think are worth viewing. I hope you enjoy the sites and check back frequently for updates. Thanks again.


This contains many of the gaming sites that are full of downloads and tons and tons of information about the games. If you encounter and problems please let me know.

Warbirds --------- an online flight simulator game which is not free but totally kicks butt. If you are into flight simulators, take a look at this one.

Age Of Kings --------- One of the greatest Microsoft games ever made. This site has many downloads for the game as well as information and screenshots for all to see and view.

The following links are for people who are interested in playing other people over the internet. Please explore these sites for more info on free online gaming. -------- Another excellent site where gamers can play online and also where people can chat.

Microsoft Zone -------- a site where you can play many microsoft games wih other players. Free and Lots of Fun. Also with many links to other gaming sites.

The following sites are for my friends homepages so check them out and visit them. That's an ORDER!!!!!!!!!

Becca Sullivan's Homepage

Katie Columbo's Website

Lenore's website - a site to view other teens websites and get to know a little more about them.